Turkey Burger

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend - this hearty and incredibly flavorful turkey burger!

Everybody loves grilling on a holiday weekend and what better way to switch up the offerings than making a great turkey burger? Truth be told, that with this recipe I've tried to recreate my favorite turkey burger of all time - the incomparable Westville NYC turkey burger. If you've ever had it then you know and if you haven't well let me just tell you that it's a flavor explosion and the best turkey burger I've ever had hands down.  While I won't say this tastes exactly like it, it is a pretty great knock-off if I do say so myself.

With turkey burgers it's important to remember to use the "fattiest" ground turkey available to you. If you use turkey that's too lean it's going to be dry, dry, dry. Turkey is already considerably drier than beef given it's lower fat content so don't skimp here and get the highest fat content turkey you can find. If you are feeling really adventurous and own a meat grinder you can also purchase organic turkey thighs and grind the meat fresh yourself or have your local butcher grind them for you. The meat from turkey thighs will be more flavorful and juicy. 

Throw this burger on the grill just like you would any other burger or if you don't have a grill - I also recommend cooking this in a cast iron pan - it gives the burger a great char and you can "dome" or cover it while cooking to help lock some of the juices in. 

What you need: (for the patty) serves 4

  • 1 lb of organic ground turkey
  • 1/2 yellow or white onion diced
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 1-2 tbsp olive oil
  • lots of kosher salt & freshly ground pepper (feel free to use any other spices you love here for extra added flavor - we used Dragon's Breath by Greenpoint Trading Co which is a blend of garlic, onion, sesame seeds, oregano, basil, celery seeds, marjoram, paprika & thyme)

How to make:

Begin by sauteeing your onion and garlic over medium heat with olive oil. Cook for about 3 minutes until the onions start to break down a bit then remove from heat and let cool. Once cool add this mixture to the ground turkey with the salt, pepper and other spices if you've added them. Really work the meat with your hands - it's time to get dirty and make sure that everything is evenly combined.

Next get your grill nice and hot if you're cooking outside or if cooking inside - put your cast iron pan on high heat so that when you put the meat in it will get a nice char. After you do that begin forming the four - 4 oz turkey burger patties with your hands. 

For the grill: Make sure that the grill racks are well oiled so that the burgers don't stick. Cook them 6-7 a side until their internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.

For cast iron: Sear the burgers on each side for approx 4 minutes a side, flipping the patties only once on each side so that each side has a nice char. Then dome/cover them and turn your heat down to medium. Cook for about another 8 mins or until the center has reached 165 degrees.

Add cheese (if you are dairy-friendly) during the last minute so that it melts a bit over top of the burger. Otherwise serve it up as is on your favorite bun and with toppings of your choosing. Here we had ours with mashed avocado, spring greens, tomato, mayo and some mustard.  I also recommend pickle slices if you have them on hand. On the side we served our burgers with a simple green salad but they would also be delicious with baked sweet potato fries.

I hope you enjoy these and have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!